Krav maga

This is the next generation of KRAV MAGA

Krav Maga Maleh

The KRAV MAGA MALEH methods are characterized by rapid response and EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE actions.

The primary effect is achieved by understanding more and utilizing the natural movements of the human body And using the 2 basic principles that are leading the system.

The primary result…
1. The Most Natural and Short Movement is the Best and Right Movement.
2. Minimum Movement against Maximum Attack.

The process of integrating and applying KMM Is easily developed in relation to other types of krav maga or martial arts teaching methods, which require an intensive and lengthy period of time to master, including years of practice!

In KMM students are given basic instruction and training according to their age and specific needs, enabling the use of effective self-defense techniques IMMEDIATELY.

All ages can participate, and obtain the full benefit of the KMM methods.

The training is open to men and women alike. No previous martial arts experience is necessary, and you don’t need to be an athlete.

This training can fit almost anyone:

  • Adults
  • Women
  • Children & teens (various age groups)
  • Police, Military & Professional security.
  • Martial Arts experts


Tuesday & Thursday at 6:30 pm


$40 a mo for 1x a week attendance
$60 a mo for 2x a week attendance
First class is free for anyone on any class

“Krav maga so that one may walk in peace.” ~ Imi Lichtenfeld

Situational Awareness

As a Fight Kraft Krav Maga student, you will learn awareness & deceleration skills to increase your safety.

Defenses With Common Items

Learn how to use daily use items such as umbrellas, keys, cell phones, purses, & backpacks to defend yourself.

Defense Against Unarmed Attackers

When you are forced to defend yourself, the attacker is a dynamic human being, fully resistive, using their skills & experience to achieve their goal. Learn effective defenses no matter your size, strength or athletic abilities.

Defense Against Armed Attackers

Violent aggressors do not play by any rules & will use fear to tip odds in their favor. Our programs will instruct you how to manage armed attacks.

Defense Against Multiple Attackers

Bad guys like company & usually have friends. Let us teach you strategies to best handle multiple attackers.

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Franklin, NC 28734
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